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What's more important than a deadline? Nothing.


We love nothing more than helping our clients deliver the job when we said we would. We have a proven track record of making that happen, even under the most intense deadlines.  Let us manage the details we know best, Construction. 

TriHawk uses both in-house staff and consultants with solid backgrounds in both engineering and design. Our approach will flow down the benefit of experience and cost savings to our clients year after year and job after job.

TriHawk uses a homegrown and proprietary process for planning, tracking, and managing all size construction projects. We pinpoint how to deliver what our clients demand.  TriHawk will provide a detailed project execution plan for each project - detailing the overall project approach.  This allows TriHawk to manage the project as planned and deliver on-time.

Our portfolio includes construction of commercial buildings, office complexes, demolition and much more.


past Projects


Experience & Reliability
It makes all the difference in your project

With its members bringing more than 20 years experience, TriHawk Construction, LLC (TriHawk) can provide engineering and design and Turn-Key construction services.  Our philosophy will help keep your projects under budget and on time. TriHawk knows Construction, it's what we do!  Our knowledge and approach can make the difference between a successful project and a costly one.

​TriHawk motto is: We do it Safe, We do it Right

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